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          esign is about so much more than knowing what colors go together, its about getting to know your client as a person and how they use the space in which they live.
You spend hours, maybe days researching and studying their personal style and how they use their environment - and then it almost becomes like a complex math equation that is made up of all these elements of design, code and function, until you come to a solution which satisfies both beauty and the way we live and work within our individual environments. It is not just about decorating. It takes a trained designer to give you results that will make your life so much easier and enjoyable! - Tammy Viviano 
"The Woman Behind It All"

31 year old, entrepreneur, Tammy Viviano is the owner, lead designer, stylist, C.E.O., C.F.O., designer & editor of this website, painting contractor, project manager, director of marketing, creative content guru & more! This woman is me. I run the show here, and I like it that way! A good friend of mine says "too many cooks in the kitchen spoils the stew" and I find that to be relevant to design, while I do branch out to my talented install team, I am in control of the entire process from measuring, to product selection & design development,  to pricing and organizing the scope of the project & orchestrating my crew, I oversee the entire process to ensure my customers satisfaction every time no matter how big or small the job!

I was raised by a father who's hobby and true passion is woodworking, as well as my mother, a manager of a local hardware store who taught me lots about building products, but more  the value of kindness and customer service. My older sister shares my passion of style and design and fed my interest of the fashion world growing up.

Its no doubt, I was designed to design!

I graduated from Patricia Stevens College in December 2005 at the top of my class, with an Associates Degree in Interior Design, earning the title of class Valedictorian, an honor I worked hard, and am truly grateful for!

It was no cake walk starting my own business at such a young age, but it certainly has proved to me how tough I am!


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