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The New Trend in Wall Decor

Lately I've been visiting a ton of clients who simply need help with decorating. One thing is for sure, we see big trends come and go - but right now, I'm kind-of feelin this casual, but worldly bohemian vibe. With its reminiscent style, its a good fit for both the younger and the older generations. While researching this style of decorating I have discovered this harmonic blend of mostly serene white walls and relaxed/mid century furniture styles mixed with organic textures, unique patterns and vibrantly colored accents. I am talking about hand woven wall mounted baskets! They come in many sizes and designs and they can add a whole lot of pizzazz to a room when grouped together on a feature wall. Not to mention what a great conversation piece they are compared to regular 2D artwork. They add texture, dimension and unlimited options for creativity. The trend started gaining mainstream popularity when "pins" of this stunning dining room design by Dabito, started circulating the internet. This image shows a beautiful buffet cabinet topped with a sophisticated arrangement of these woven beauties on a sharply contrasting colored backdrop. The result was magnificent!

This photo (below) from shows the plain white walls as I mentioned above, here the colors of the basket weave are pretty subtle and earthy, with the number of baskets chosen and the subtly chosen color pallet the designer here is going for a "less is more" vibe, but take a look at the use of color in the next photo!

Obviously there is no limit to how many baskets you should use in your wall arrangement, (depending on your wall size of course!) Photo from

So the question is "Tammy, how can I create this look in my own home, what are the do's and don'ts?

1) Pick a good focal wall, this is art and its meant to be seen, so choose a section of wall that will get lots of attention. Look for a common view point like a dining room wall, that big empty wall space over a stair case, the big piece of wall real estate above your sofa or even above your bed as a dimensional statement over the headboard.

Here is a perfect example of a good focal wall for woven baskets, photo sourced from Pinterest (see link below)

2) It is better to be odd! When trying to figure out how many baskets you should use for your wall feature, my best suggestion is to lay it out in front of you to mock up the size parameters for your design, but always try to work with an odd number of baskets to get the best looking results, if you try to create a layout using an even number of wall baskets, you will more likely end up frustrated, creating a layout that is too balanced and symmetrical.

3) Use as many different sized baskets as you can to get that "designer styled look". We like to play with the size and scale to make the layout more interesting and mosaic like!

4) Look for unique and authentic pieces. With the rising trend I am sure you will soon see these popping up in discount decorating stores, but lets not forget the beauty and the art and the story behind these amazing pieces. We are talking about art made from materials harvested and curated by hand. Some even feature gorgeous and intricate designs with hand-made beadwork. Most of the baskets I have found in my research range anywhere from $29.00 for a small basket (around 7" diameter) up to around $150 for some of the larger styles (in the 18" to 20" diameter range). Some of my favorites can be found on where their are multiple sizes and designs to choose from. Many of these are "Fair Trade" items from Africa and a portion of the profits from their sales go to help the people in the communities where these are hand made by the native people.

Here is a link to my favorite design, which is also currently featured on my website on the sub page "Shop The Look" - Designers Favorites.

What do you think of this new trend?

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